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Levin Dolohov


Dominic Linwood

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 Hector & Brady - English

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Nem : Férfi
Kor : 30

TémanyitásTárgy: Hector & Brady - English   Szomb. Ápr. 02, 2016 4:52 pm

Hector & Brady
My daughters birthday... Both the best and the worst day of the year. It's the best because my little pumpkin can have the time of her life as I always make it possible for her. Every year since she was born I got myself a day off at work so I could be with her. Obviously this year wasn't any different from the others. Annnd... there are the worse parts of this thing. First of all, it means that Flora is another year older - so am I. She grows so fast, I blink one time and she's suddenly a teenager with growing boobs and bum. I don't ever want this day to come but it will eventually. And secondly, I never know what to buy her for her birthday. I always want the best for her, that she can love the most. I wanna be a cool dad, ya know.
And this is the main reason I asked Hector to help me. Maybe it wasn't a groundbreaking idea to bring him with me to a goddamn toy shop but whatever. At least we're gonna have a great time even if we don't find anything. But we will, 'cause we have to. If it means that we must go to several stores after this one, than we're gonna do it. It's a challenge and we must complete it.
"This place is fucking scary," I murmur as I step in the door. There are kids everywhere, loud and screaming kids. I can't say I hate children, that's clearly not true. Though kids in a toy store are freaky as shit, especially when they are ill-mannered thanks to their parents.
I look around. The place is huge, many shelves and toy cages - or whatever they are called - lying around us. There's barely a single path to walk on however it's the kids fault. There are too many of them.
"I'll be partially deaf by the time we finish here," I say. A little girl just start screaming/crying so loudly I think my ears' gonna bleed. "I'm so glad Flora is not like these little devils." I love kids. I really do. Believe me.


Always be yourself. Unless you can be a plane. Then always be a plane.
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Hector & Brady - English
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